Minimize Downtime: How to troubleshoot your vacuums

by Vickie Holland | Oct 25, 2016

Have you ever been in the middle of a shift and your vacuum breaks down? It can be so frustrating! Instead of throwing in the towel, the problem may very well be something you can fix yourself.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for our most popular vacuums: Windsor Sensor Vacuums, Nobles V-SMU-14 and Sanitaire Vacuums. Follow these steps and you may very well get your equipment up and running quickly.

Windsor Sensor Vacuums

Our Windsor Sensor (S and XP series) vacuums are our most popular because of their high performance and reliability.  The following steps should be checked when the machine stops working.


Windsor Sensor (New and Older Models)

If the machine will not turn on, check the cord for cuts or damage (Fig.1). Once you determine the cord is OK check that the handle fits snugly in the base. The handle, which contains the power source, can easily pull apart from the main housing.  If the base is loose, set it firmly in place (Fig. 2)


                         Fig. 1.                                                              Fig. 2.

The Sensor has indicator lights on the front base that will light up when the vacuum bag is full or if the brushes need to be checked (Fig.3).

Fig. 3

If you smell burning, remove and clean brush by cutting any hair or threads with a safety razor (Fig. 4 and 5).


Fig. 4                                                               Fig. 5


Check the vacuum bag. Is it full (Fig 6)?

Fig 6

Finally, check the port and hose for clogs. You can insert a broom handle inside the hose to check it for debris (Fig. 7 and 8).