Protect against the second leading cause of unintentional workplace fatalities: Slips, Trips and Falls

by Vickie Holland | Nov 07, 2016

Protect your company’s most valuable asset: your people!

Roadway accidents involving motorized vehicles are the #1 workplace fatality. Did you know that Slips, Trips & Falls are #2? The National Floor Safety Institute states over $70 billion annually is spent on compensation and medical costs associated with slip and falls. Creating a safe work environment not only reduces business cost and disruptions, it encourages productive and happier employees.

Many slips, trips and falls are directly related to snow and ice. Shoveling and applying ice melt are effective ways to prevent slips and falls on sidewalks and parking lots but what about inside the building? As we know, floors become slippery and wet from the outside elements, dramatically increasing the risk to your employees and customers..

How can you maintain a safe workplace for your employees? Take time to identify areas that are slip, trip and fall hazards to prevent injuries not only this winter but all year long.

How to recognize slip, trip and fall hazards

  • Wet or oily floors
  • Occasional Spills
  • Weather hazards: rain, sleet, ice, snow, hail
  • Mats: loose, unanchored, worn
  • Obstructed or dark areas
  • Clutter
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Wrinkled matting or carpets


Good Housekeeping is the best way to help prevent accidents.

Use this Prevention Checklist to avoid slips, trips and falls:

  • Plan ahead! Assign employees to clean up after spills and during weather hazards.
  • Clean up any spills or wet areas immediately
  • Sweep, mop, squeegee floors frequently
  • Place wet floor signs over spills. Signs should be yellow with black print
  • Secure mats, rugs and carpets. Matting should lay flat
  • Use extra matting during inclement weather
  • Use an auto scrubber with neutralizer conditioner to remove ice melt residue
  • Ensure proper footwear and PPE for all employees, especially while cleaning and stripping
  • Check for proper lighting. Change light bulbs when out.
  • Avoid or cover cords and cables in cross walks.
  • Keep walkways free from clutter.
  • Avoid leaving open file cabinets and desk drawers
  • Report hazardous areas to your supervisor

Bill McGarvey, Philip Rosenau’s Training Manager has completed the NFSI: Walkway Auditor Certificate (WACH) training. According to Bill, “There are 3 contributing factors: social (age, preoccupation), physiological (visual or hearing impairment) and environmental (flooring, lighting, hazards). While we cannot influence the first two factors, we can limit the risk by controlling the environmental aspect”.

Contact your Sales Leader for more information or to schedule Bill to review your Floor Safety Program.

For more information on workplace safety, visit the National Safety Council website.

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