3M™ Easy Scrub Flat Mop System

A unique set of cleaning tools designed to make floor cleaning and disinfecting faster, easier and safer. The system features a lightweight handle with liquid-on-demand dispensing, flat mops with special dual-fiber construction, and buddy jug for refilling the handle without returning to the closet. The Easy Scrub Flat Mop Tool is lightweight anodized tool that is durable and corrosion resistant. It has a swivel head for easy maneuvering and effective baseboard cleaning. Solid vinyl grips are easy to clean and disinfect. Viewing window enables you to easily tell when the handle is filled. The Easy Scrub Flat Mop has green scrubbing stripes and white color banding dual-fiber construction which produces less drag and makes the tool easier to maneuver. Durable, machine washable, bleach safe, and color coded. The Easy Scrub Plus Flat Mop is for uneven floor surfaces. Spun yarn loops of polyester and rayon for high conformity to the floor and is durable and machine washable. Also included are universal pad holders for Easy Scrub & Shine Tools.

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3M™ Easy Scrub Flat Mop Tool & 16" Holder

Flat Mop Tool & 16" Holder, ea
Manufacturer #55593

3M™ Easy Scrub Flat Mop - 18"

18" Flat Mop, 10/10/cs
Manufacturer #55594