Windsor® Chariot® iScrub 20 Automatic Scrubbers

These stand on scrubbers are 50% more productive than a conventional 20" walk-behind scrubber. Unparalleled visibility allowing safe operation in congested areas and small spaces. Extremely maneuverable with a 48" turn radius. Innovative pivoting squeegee requires no adjustment and provides 100% water pick-up even in turns. 54 dBA at transport speed and 66.5 dBA while operating. Simple, intuitive control panel for easy operator training and use. Ergonomically designed leg panel for increased operator comfort. Brush motor: .3 hp; Vacuum motor: 2 stage, .63 hp.

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Windsor® Chariot® iScrub 20 Scrubber - 20",Pad Dr, 114AH

20" w/Pad Driver, 114AH, OB Charger, ea
Manufacturer #98408130

Windsor® Chariot® iScrub 20 Scrubber - 20",Pad Dr, 130AH

20" w/Pad Driver, 130AH, ea
Manufacturer #98408100