Best In Class Technology

LEADER Sales Process

LISTEN: Conduct customer needs analysis.

EXPLORE: On site survey: listen, learn and gain understanding of your facility needs.

ASSESS: Our team brainstorms, collaborates cross-functionally and has dialogue on information we have gathered.

DESIGN: Develop a program to enhance your present state by focusing on your organization’s needs, challenges and priorities.

EXECUTE: Implement a test or full program using our start-up tool to reduce challenges that arise from change.

RESPOND: Take swift action to meet the challenges that are identified. Proactively assess our performance. Respond to your changing needs and priorities.

We stay on the leading edge of market trends, industry changes, product developments, and regulatory issues surrounding the janitorial and sanitary maintenance industry. We provide our customers with the needed information, training and support to leverage these changes to enhance your organization.


Program Overview

At Philip Rosenau Company, our Sales Leaders develop a comprehensive program to help our customers achieve clean, healthy, safe, sustainable facilities at the lowest overall total cost.

Program Features

  • Active Listening
  • Survey Tool
  • Collaboration Site
  • Customized Proposal
  • Execution Process
  • Strategic Business Planning

Program Benefits

  • Enhance Health and Wellness
  • Improve Appearance
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Drive Safety
  • Enhance Sustainability Position

LEADER Sales Process Brochure