Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Cleaning and Disinfection

We develop and provide in-service training on cleaning and disinfection procedures that are based upon best practices and extensive industry knowledge. We then help implement the monitoring systems used in validating the cleaning process.

Effective Hand Hygiene

According to the CDC, the most effective method of breaking the chain of infection is through a comprehensive hand washing and sanitizing program. We assist customers in achieving effective hand hygiene through the appropriate combination of products, dispensers and education.

Proven Industry Standards

Our understanding of the cleaning and disinfection process enables us to provide evidenced-based solutions at the lowest overall cost. In this way, practical and effective infection prevention programs can be tailored for any type of environment.

  • Acute and Continuing Healthcare Facilities
  • K-12 and Higher Education Campuses
  • Building Service Contractors
  • Property and Facility Management


Going Beyond Clean for All Environments

Solution Overview

Philip Rosenau Company has the knowledge and expertise to identify and recommend the appropriate cleaning, sanitizing and disinfectant products, programs and procedures to assist customers in achieving and maintaining a healthy environment for their employees, clients, students and others they serve.

Solution Features

  • Cleaning and disinfection recommendations based upon recognized standards
  • EPA registered disinfectant product technology and application methods
  • High quality hand care and sanitizing products
  • State–of-the-art dilution control systems
  • Measurement systems for monitoring cleaning processes and effectiveness
  • Extensive capabilities and resources for product, equipment and procedure training

Solution Benefits

  • Reduced HAI's and readmissions for healthcare facilities
  • Reduced absenteeism for faculty and students in educational facilities
  • Reduced absenteeism for employees
  • Improved client retention in office buildings
  • Improved productivity and morale

Health and Wellness Brochure